About Us

The firm has maintained a prominence in the profession through a commitment to an “inward” design process , where the concepts that drive each building design is derived from a internalization of the implication of need, climate, materials and culture and this is where the inner most inspiration of the firm yields ideal solutions. The firm is committed to treating and finalizing a solution that is derived from the careful analysis, following scientific method that has yielded successful designs in range of geographical, economical and socio- cultural contexts. The innovation to experiment with new materials and construction techniques continues as a theme; just as the minimization of the ecological foot print of each project remains a commitment.

BSAP treats the clients’ needs as paramount, rather than imposing personal stylistic preferences and ideological tendencies. But the practice does not shy away from leaving a stamp on each project, be it scale, or the introduction of regional and vernacular elements and use of colour.

We continue our quest for creating innovative design solutions that are sustainable in a large scale. Evolving design solutions that are contextual and creating spaces that revolutionize the way they are experienced from the essence of the firm’s design philosophy. And with over 27 years of experience with a wide spectrum of architecture projects from individual residences to multi storied mixed used building complexes.

The ensuring process is a culmination of well thought of functional spaces which not only transcends beyond just utility and functionality but is highly climate, cultural and site specific and goes beyond sustainability and performance.

We firmly believes in a collaborative, inclusive and appropriate design process which is a dialogue between the architect, client and eventually the end user. We seek a collaborative and constructive relationship with the clients, whom we consider an integral part of the design process.

Above all, our practice is flexible, evolving and innovative.

The firm’s founder Chief Architect Binesh Sukumar personally designs the concepts of each of the firm’s project.

Ar. Binesh Sukumar


Ar. Athul Binesh


Ar. Adarsh Binesh


Binesh Sukumar, founder and principal architect at M/s. Binesh Sukumar Architects & Planners graduated in architecture in 1987 and after a brief stint in a leading architecture firms at Kolhapur, Cochin and Bangalore since then he set up his own architecture firm in 1992. The design philosophy at BSAP is more towards energy efficient, labour efficient sustainable technology of construction. Each of the work is a unique solution to standard challenges presented to different types of urban functions, villas, apartment blocks, educational institutions, office buildings etc. However, the firm is committed to make buildings that are efficient and lasting. His work has consistently demonstrated his commitment to an architectural style; it truly embeds the building into its context, both programmatically and symbolically. His works are articulated responses to the local climate using structure, surface, light and shade to maximum effect.

He has to his credit numerous green certified buildings, awards and seven star Crisil rated projects.

He is a member of Council of Architecture, Indian Institute of Architects, Indian Green Building Council, Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Kerala Management Association and Rotary. He is a very keen golfer too.


Our Team

The essence of BSAP is its people each member of the team plays a vital role in creation of the design and its execution. BSAP employees are highly creative professionals with experience and are further trained to enable excellent development of unique design solutions. The firm is highly capable of producing innovative designs and engineering practices.

Our talented team operates in synchrony with each other, making our dream of perfection in architectural design a reality. Operating on a preplanned pyramid of COST- QUALITY – TIME we at BSAP deliver the highest quality architectural designs within the least possible time, keeping cost well in check and we owe it all to our customer centric approach and our focused alienations to detail.

Our staff continuously focuses on planning, detailed working drawings, and versatile, creative and methodical practical approach to aestheticism, client satisfaction and timely project delivery.