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Founding principle and Chief Architect of BSAP, born in1965 in Alleppey, Kerala, Binesh's interest in design, painting and art and architecture dates back to his school days, that no wonder perusing a carrier in design he landed in architecture. During his days at the architecture College he also earned highest accolades and prizes at NASA.

After his graduation in architecture in 1987 and a brief stint in a leading architecture firm in Kolhapur, Cochin, and Bangalore, since then he set up his own architecture firm in 1989.With hands on experience of more than over two decades he is the founder and Chief Architect at BSAP. And from his passion for architecture, his interest also revolves around sustainable architecture, nature conservation renewable energy and traveling.

His reputation has steadily grown through the architecture practice with his very practical approach to solve complicated architecture challenges as well as his knowledge to use vernacular design practice to solve architectural issues. He travels extensively and continuous to study and adapt his work to all relevant new ideas and design trends. He loves his job and takes great joy in building a long term relationship with his clients and their buildings. He has planned, designed strategize and delivered projects ranging from 2500 sft to 25,00000 sft with specialized focus on development of concept, identity, appropriateness of project, cost effective construction and practical aspects of maintenance free management of projects. A philanthropist at heart, he is active in various social, and cultural organization. Married to Preeja and blessed with two sons Adarsh and Athul.


The essence of BSAP is it's people each member of the team plays a vital role in creation of the design and its execution. BSAP employees highly creative professionals with experience and further train them to enable excellent development of unique design solution. The studio is highly capable of producing innovative design and engineering practices.

Our talented team operates in synchrony with each other, making our dream of perfection in architectural design a reality. Operating on a pre planned pyramid of COST- QUALITY - TIME we at BSAP deliver the highest quality architectural designs within the least possible time, keeping cost well in check and we owe it all to our customer centric approach and our focused alienation's to detail.

Our staff continuously focuses on planning, detailed working drawing, versatile, creative and methodical practical approach to aestheticism, client satisfaction and timely project delivery.