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I Have An Idea To Construct A Building. How Do I Go About It ?


At the outset kindly confirm our Terms & Conditions regarding the services offered and our architectural consultancy fees.

Write to us in detail

The type of project you have in mind.
The total area you want to construct.
The total estimate you have In mind.
The time frame you intend to start your project and finish it.
Arrange for a site plan initially a survey sketch available along the documents of the land and finally a digital survey map.
Arrange for site visit with a contact person who is available locally.

Do You Design According To Vasthu ?


As we find a solution to your buildings, primarily we have all the architectural design principles that are core to an efficient functioning of the building in our mind. But when doing so, we also consider the positions of the main aspects of Vasthu for the major location of various functions. But before we freeze the architectural plans, if the client is keen to follow "Vasthu", we shall work in tandem with a Vasthu expert on the design before we freeze the final architectural design.

Do You Take Up Construction Or Turn Key Jobs ?


We do not do construction directly. We shall get done the project through the Contractors you suggest or short listed from a selected list of Contractors available in our Office through mutual discussions and confirmation.

What Is Project Management ? Will You Be Able To Do That For Us ?


Project Management is managing the project on behalf of the client in his total absence so as to finish the project in a desired time frame, at pro determined cost and at the best possible quality.

The above can be done through one of our associate firms. If interested kindly get back for further details.

Do You Do The Interior Designing ?


We do the Interior Designing as per the mutual discussions with the clients. Built-in and movable furniture, interior fittings and furnishings, color, form, texture and lighting in interiors, materials used in interiors, building services related to interiors.

Do You Take Up The Renovation Work Of Existing Building ?


We do. But the total estimated cost of the renovation should be about thirty lakhs approximately.

What Will Be The Architectural Fee And Other Charges ?


In consideration of the professional services rendered by the Architect he shall be paid professional fee and other charges in accordance with the Scale of Charges as per the rules and regulations of the Council of Architects. Any tax levied by law, such as Service Tax etc., contingent to professional services rendered by the Architect, shall be payable by the Client, over and above the gross fees charged by the Architect in relation to the services provided.

Whom Do We Contact For Further Guidance ?


You can call at Office hours between 10 am to 5 pm on all working days from Monday to Friday and 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday and talk to our:

  • 1. General Manager - Administration: Mr. Prabhakaran
  • 2. Manager-Finance: Mr. Vijay Varma
  • 3. Mr. Binesh Sukumar - Chief Architect at Residence Numbers
    0484 2423503
    0484 6463048
    0484 6491036 between 7.00 am and 9.00 am in the morning.